FS: Headphone Ultimate Ears TF10Vi + extra custom cable + 7 pairs Comply foam tips

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Analog Vibes
  • Product Name: Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Vi (mic version).


Expected Price:
Triple Fi 10vi (mic version) with the 3 used comply tips and all other original accessories - Rs8250 + shipping

Custom cable + extra comply tips - SOLD

  • Manufacturer page URL: Logitech UE Ultimate Ears
  • Description if any: Everything working perfectly
  • Reason for Sale: Had purchased for a friend , 2-3 months back . He wishes to upgrade to custom model .
  • Product condition: 9.7 out of 10 for earphones , 9.5 out of 10 for metal case (has a few scratches and minor dings) , Rest all accessories as good as brand new
  • Purchase Date: April 2012
  • Remaining Warranty period: N/A
  • Warranty available in: N/A.Can provide a week of testing warranty
  • Invoice Available: N/A




More Images : UE TF10 Vi - Imgur

Please do not low ball . If you are looking for anything in particular of the above , use PM :).
I'll take the custom cable. PM me your acct details.

The custom cable + 7 pairs of comply foam tips are currently on hold for another member (awaiting payment ). Incase he backs out , will get back to you :).

TF10Vi with original Vi cable + all accessories , still available.
darn wanted some custom cables fr mine :(
damn assignments cudnt come online :(
is it ok if i ask how much was da custom sold for and what exact model was it?
^ It was sold for Rs.3000 . Purchase price was ~4500 , it is the UE Blue custom cable bought from Jaben store , Singapore.

Bump for the UE TF10 Vi .
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