Storage Solutions Unknown(New) HDD brands?

If you took a minute and searched the forum
There are only 3 hdd manufacturers in the world today: Seagate, WD & Toshiba. All other brands use hdd from one of these 3 brands & only difference between them is that cheap no name/generic brands use the least quality/refurbished version of drives from these 3 brands.
Apart from above brands, I have been using Aarvex SSD for a year without any issues and they give 5 years warranty on their products.
Better to have a ssd with 3 years warranty with no visit to service centre than a ssd with 5 years warranty making trip to service centre every year. In short, warranty is not everything.
I think they get refurbished HDD palates from various sources, change/reset the SMART values and re-sell them with their own brand name as new drives.
For SSD's their are many cheap NAND manufacturer in China.
Both can be very unreliable.