Unused|Sealed Brainwavz Alpha IEM

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For sale is a Sealed and Unused Brainwavz Alpha IEM.

Condition: Never opened, never used. Brand New. Received it just 15 minutes ago.

Reason for Sale: I literally tortured Vivek for buying this IEM for me (Sorry Vivek!). But a friend gifted me a Skullcandy Riot a few days ago and I am currently using it.

Price: Rs. 340/- Local Mumbai Pickup.

Shipping: Prefer a Local (Mumbai) Sale but Shipping possible at your Risk and Expenses. ;)

Disclaimer: I got these IEMs in that mp4nation pre-order deal for 340/- and I am selling it for the same price (plus shipping for non local deals). I don't think anyone should have any issues with that! :bleh:



^^ If he arranges those in 340rs it will be a steal...but this offer is better or else I will loose the chance.. Gauresh leave it for me... ;) If am going to get local warranty at 400rs then I will take from pristinenote... @OP: warranty ??
bassam904 said:
Ready to pay 100 more.

^^ It's not about the price bro... Had it been an auction, I would have chosen you but it isn't and now I cannot sell it to you unless the others back out! :p

So, I have replied the PMs from kaiserbreath and chiragsthakur. WingZero was the first one to ask but as he is not local, I'll prefer the others first. Sorry about that.

So, this is the list:





Non Local:

@neha, hijacking thread:p
I too have one for sale, but its opened for testing only, anyone interested can PM me, ready to ship :)
Sold to kaiserbreath yesterday... Ratings exchanged. Mods please close the thread.

And yes, I sold it for Rs. 340/- :bleh:

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