Used T-Mobile G1 'Price Dropped'

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Hi, up for sale is a used unlocked t-mobile G1. It is compatible with BSNL 3g band. I bought this phone on e-bay 10 days ago after putting my HTC Tattoo on sale because of its incredible app compatibility but the phone is not for me. Looking for a quick sale. It comes with an extra large 2600 mAh SEIDIO battery and battery cover. The phone is running android 2.1 cyanogen mod 5.0.8. Originally purchased in Jan 2009.

Price : 10,500/- plus shipping at actuals.

Along with the phone you will get

2gb microsd, data cable, charger, extra battery, extra battery cover.


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Re: Used T-Mobile G1

All the best for your sale. Android is in demand.. will sell like hot cake.

Have you listed it on ebay? if yes , do post link.


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Interested. But I request better pictures because-
1. Out of all the snaps of the handset there is one pic that is in focus.
2. Being a black handset I would appreciate it if you uploaded well lit-up snaps so that I can identify whether there are scratchs on keys or corners.

Also please confirm ur location (Im guessing it as Mumbai, as I checked out your old Tattoo sale)


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I am from Manipal Karnataka. Will try to post better pictures,but scratches are very difficult to photograph. I can tell you that scratches are there but minor.


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Thank you for PM'ing me your number, but I'm currently a bit busy on another deal.

If the handset isn't sold by the time I can get collect some vitamin-M. I'll surely grab this .....


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what is the difference between this phone and Samsung Spica ?

are there any limitations for this phone ?

pls clarify.. i am interested...


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the main difference between spica and g1 is lack of a 'discreet' gpu on spica. its cpu is faster but gpu is slower. also it only has 128mb ram instead of 192 on the g1. the g1 is more modable due its popularity in the mod circles like xda developers. for example cyanogen mod 6rc1 froyo has just been released
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