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Very bad experience with Zebronics case


Very bad experience with Zebronics case. I have invested three days in reviewing the VENUS case and now feel cheated.
I was asked to review a Zebronic case and i selected Venus as it have a good design and marketed as Premium case with high price.
But last night i noticed two piece of black tape under the case. Earlier i though it might be some place for product serial no sticker or like this. But it came out as tape is used to cover design faults. They have used the same top plastic panel inthe bottom of case and covered the holes for switches and usb port with a black tape.

What .... they dont bother to make a separate piece of plastic for the bottom of the case. And how can they sell a product with tape over it at such a high price and calling it a premium product. Lost my hope and faith from Zebronics.

Sorry guys dont spend ur hard earned money for a case with tape over it.






Just to confirm that it's a retail product sharing a pic from product site clearly showing the holes for the metal bar in the bottom plastic cover.


Product link


If you cant see the green dot, I'm offline :P
Based on the photos, it looks like by design. It seems that they are putting the front panel twice, front and back, without making a separate part. And for a case that shows an MRP of 7499, its really bad.


My corsair carbide series clear 600c is must better and easy to manger it which it has good fan and aluminium case

and even i already invest Zebronics with led fan controller long ago around 10 year after suddenly only one month the led stop working due to burn due to poor issue which was cheap quality and then sold it back and decide to stop invest this shitty one which are not reliable


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