FS: Motherboard VIA C7 EPIA-SN Mini-ITX board (with onboard CPU), 2 x 2 GB DDR2 RAM and accessories

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Sep 28, 2022
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Adventure completed
This is the same board purchased from a TE member -

Following additions were made -

1. 2 x 2 GB RAM. 1 EVM module bought from Amazon (invoice attached) and 1 Kingston module bought from a TE member. The original 2 x 1 GB Hynix RAMs will also be given with the board.
2. VGA to HDMI Adapter bought from Amazon (invoice attached)
3. 3D Printed I/O Guard (since it did not come with one originally)

Detailed specifications and user manual are available for the board -

NOTE : All items will be sold as a bundle. None of the items will be sold separately so please do not waste your time posting something like - if you do decide to sell separately blah blah blah ..

POSTS : Please keep the thread clean and seek information / contact via PM only. Please do your own research on specifications and compatibility. If you are an interested buyer and need any other information on any item or additional photographs, please PM. Irrelevant posts will be reported based on the rules of the Marketplace.
SHIPPING : Preference will be always for a local sale. For shipping, it is recommended that the buyer pays and arranges for the pickup. If you want me to ship, it will be extra and at actuals. I would recommend insuring the package but it will need to be borne by the buyer. I will ensure that the packing is as secure as possible. However I will NOT be taking any responsibility of any damage / missing items incurred DURING shipping (once the pickup is done, it becomes the buyer's responsibility).
SALE PRIORITY : Sale will be on first come first serve basis, no holding business. DMs will be replied in the order received.
WARRANTY : Couple of days testing warranty (transit damage is not covered).


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