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Jun 6, 2006
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As mentioned in my notes below
Vintage Original SCRABBLE Game Board – COLLECTORS Edition by MATTEL

If you LOVE WORDS – Then Discover a forgotten world of unfettered Magic, Wisdom and Beauty & endless hours of bonding & relationships as you use this ORIGINAL Mattel Scrabble Board – with your family, friends or competing players – esp on a rainy day!

WHY AM I WILLING TO PART WITH THIS DEAR TREASURE – esp to a Scrabbleholic Die-hard person!

Well, I started scrabbling with my school buddies when I was 12- or 13-years young (way back in 1976-77) and continued as the years went by. Later, I spend many wonderful hours with my daughter & wife. Now, Today & for the past few years, I am bereft of finding any gaming partners. Thus, I would love to offer this treasure to the best of you out there at a sustainable price too.

PRICE: Rs 1750/- Only

Year of Purchase: Around 2006
Dimensions: (L x B x H in cms]
- Box: 39 x 39 x 5.5 cms
- Game Board: 37.8 x 37.8 x 3.0 cms

- Full Box: 2.160 kgs
- Only Game Board: 980 gms

- 4 Racks (embossed with SCRABBLE logo)
- 100 Premium WOODEN Letter Tiles (Entire Set)
- VELVET Tile Bag & Velvet covered inside docking board for all units.
- 28-page user guide
- Polished Wooden Framed Playing Board with Embossed GRID
- Rotating Built-In Turntable on the underside (super smooth even today) – enables rotation of play effortlessly between 2-4 players.

Condition of Board: 8.5/10 [The Gold Rimmed Embossing ONLY has a few tiny black spots (due to usage over the years)]; Otherwise it’s Condition is a 10/10.

Shipping Cost: On Actuals – Anywhere across India

You may DM me if you are interested.

This was a lightning fast Deal Clinched within a few hours of posting.

@lepermessiah from our own TE @TechEnclave Commune was the avid wordsmith who will now be the rightful owner of this Collectors Legacy SCRABBLE Board. Here's wishing him years of JOY & Happiness in Scrabbling Away.

All Done - Payments & Already Packaged & Personally Handed over to DELHIVERY for Shipment!
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