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Hey guys,

I am going to Malaysia (KL & Langkawi ) for a Week (2 Days - KL, 3 Days - Langkawi) with family.

I am curious to know few things. ( I have been through all the TE threads with Subject line : Malaysia, last one being in 2011 hence there is high chance of things being outdated)

1) What would be most convenient way to buy a cheap Micro SIM Card, which has good Data & Voice rates ?
2) Sungei Wang & Low Yat Plaza (learnt from the past threads) seem to be best option to buy Electronics. In current scene is it still cheap/viable to buy electronics in KL when compared to India ?
3) What about Watches, LCD TVs, iPADs ?
4) What would be duty impact on the products that I buy in KL ? Do I need to declare it beforehand ? Is there some kind of limit ?
5) Is it worth buying anything from Petaling Street (China Town) ?
6) I have booked Online Tickets for Petronas Towers (RM 80/person) - Any idea if Skybridge Vist is a part of it ? (There is not sufficient information on the same on the Website)
7) Some places like - Batu Caves, Sepang Circuit, KL Tower, worth a trip ?
8) Any specific inputs for visit to Langkawi ? - I am keen to enjoy Water Sports there.
8) Any other suggestions ?

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Sim cards are not that cheap there & Data tariff are pricey too but ISD calling fairly cheap. I was there last year, got a local sim & mostly used it for whatsapp, was good & convenient.
Batu caves, Sepang & Petronas tower (U already going there) are definitely worth a visit. Genting has a theme waterpark & casino but it's so overcrowded that you will suffocate :-/
Try the local fruits for sure, they might look wierd but are very tasty & also local cuisines which you will get in plenty at Pavillion (eating/shopping plaza) in KL


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Thanks guys... Keep em coming..
Also share your opinion on shopping in KL & activities at Langkawi..!