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Jul 1, 2019
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VIZAG - Mega Sale! Have a Look!!

  • Product & Expected Price: Following items for sale with expected price against each: -
    1. Bajaj Iron - Rs.350/-
    2. Planet-Waves XLR cables 25 feet with lifetime warranty (Qty: 3) - Rs.1,500/- each
    3. HDMI to RGB cable + female to female adapter - Rs.500/-
    4. Multi-plug Adapter set with cover - Rs.250/-
    5. Plugable 7-port USB 3.0 hub with power adapter - Rs.3,000/-
    6. D-Link 7-port USB 2.0 hub, excellent for audio work, rare to find - Rs.4,000/-
    7. Wireless Charger, without adapter - Rs.400/-
    8. DefconCL Kensington Lock, high quality - Rs.1,200/-
    9. Assored Power Cables (see pics), high quality - Rs.250/- each
    10. Dual Type-A to Micro-B USB 3.0 Cable - Rs.400/-
    11. Original Apple 5V, 1A charger - Rs.600/-
    12. Cona Multi-pin Plug - Rs.100/-

    13. Car 5V, 1A charger - Rs.100/-
    14. Amkette 5200mAH power bank - Rs.200/-
    15. Logitech make Type-A to Micro-B USB 2.0 cable, high quality (Qty: 2) - Rs.250/- each
    16. Flat Short CAT-5e Cable - Rs.100/-
    17. Samsonite Air Pillow with extra support for jaws - Rs.500/-
    18. Chromecast Audio - Rs.3,000/-
    19. Chromecast (Gen.2) Video - Rs.2,000/-
    20. Volkswagen In-dash to USB and Stereo EP AUX-IN connector cable set - Rs.500/-
    21. Ugreen USB 2.0 extension cable 20 meters with amplifier chip, high quality - Rs.2,000/-
    22. High-gain 4G LTE antenna for Huawei E3372 and similar dongles - Rs.2,000/-
    23. Huawei E3372 dongle unlocked - Rs.1,000/-
  • Source and Time of Purchase: Varied and from India and abroad.
  • Warranty: Expired.
  • Reason for Sale: Not in use anymore (mostly since purchase!) and relocating.
  • RMA/Servicing history: NIL.
  • Product Condition: All items are in functional and good cosmetic condition. Refer to the pictures for details.
  • Product Location: Visakhapatnam.
  • Preferred Courier: Will ship immediately on receiving full cleared payment. Mode of shipping, shipper, insurance etc. are all buyer’s choice.
  • Shipping Charges: As per actuals.
  • Payment Options: Full payment in advance by online transfer.
  • Not a distress sale by any yardstick. Prices are already very good. However, reasonable offers will be accepted. You can post here or PM. I am ok with both. Suggestions for price correction are also welcome. If you do not bargain and take multiple items, then will include some freebies from my side.
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