Got the VSOL ONU and replaced with Jio Fibre router! After help from Anmol, its up now! Best replacement for Jio router.
wow, thats a good one, hate the reliance router anyways.
out of curiosity, anyway to do this for hathway as well? I have Jio and Hathway and want to replace the default hathway wireless device..
@rajch2002 is using with hathway also
the same onu works with all . tried with airtel , jio , hathway, bsnl, excitel.

U mean no need to use that jio router, do we need to copy the mac and fiber port mac on this. Or how this works.
please read these

and https://github.com/JFC-Group/JF-Customisation/blob/master/keyguesser.py

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I actually don't need the WiFi, I have enough access points and I am also using x64 machine running opnsense.
Do all the ones with RJ11 have WiFi?
sadly yes.
all onus that have rj11 have wifi also , without wifi ones we have to get it imported.
am trying to get this onu from alibaba or indiamart
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