Budget 10-15K Want to buy mobile


Hi team , pls advice , I Want to buy mobile with large battery full hd + 6000mah to 7000mah battery long lasting
Samsung M51 has 7000 mah but you would need to increase budget to 24999. You could use the upcoming sale to reduce the outgo.
Otherwise look at Samsung M21 & M31 for 6000 mah.
There are a lot more options @ 5000 mah.


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large battery 6000mah to 7000mah battery

I always used to wonder who would want such large batteries in their phone!

Anyways, you should look at M21 or its iterations. OLED display, One UI, Okay build for the price and 6000 mah battery (if I am not wrong) - pretty solid offering for the money.


Go with samsung m51 sd730g. Correct me if I am wrong.and super amoled plus infinity o display. And in Samsung phones you won't get bloatware. And it has massive 7000 mash battery. If you have old phone they were providing extra 2000 exchange offer on Amazon. As of now I don't know about it. AnD in this sale you will get discount so it will be like 23k. And everybody knows the quality of Samsung Samsung display.