Washing Machine - Drum Size


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I've been looking for a Front Load WM with 8 KG capacity. However, when I looked into some of the WM brands like LG, Samsung, Siemens the drum size looks small for a 8 KG washing machine. Infact the Bosch 6 kg WM I had looks similar to the 8kg WM of LG and Samsung. I'm not sure if these new WM from LG, Samsung, IFB and other brands are really 8Kg. The Bosch 6kg model I have now is much bigger than the 8Kg model of LG WM. Which Front loader WM has real 8kg capacity and how do we really measure the capacity of the WM.


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The only way to know is to measure the diameter and depth of the drum. From my findings LG 7kg FHT1007 and all other LG 8kg, 9kg models have the exact same drum which is similar in size to my decade old whirlpool 7kg.
Next drum size change in LG starts with the 10.5kg model. Lg manual does mention that you can put a 9kg,8kg or 7kg of load in the respective model in cotton cycle only, all have same load rating in other cycles, so what I understood from this is that if the drum size is the same but if the kg is rated higher, it simply means that the motor is more powerful in the higher rated model.

Only the whirlpool Freshcare 8kg model as a drum size bigger then most other washing machines in 8kg to 9kg class but then again whirlpool has a sealed welded tub, so if bearings fail you will have to replace the entire tub assembly and their service is a ? with respect to front load machines as they are all imported.