WD green 500gb (wd5000aads)

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western digital caviar green 500gb

model no. WD5000aads-00s9b0

Purchased on 25/11/2010

so just about 6 months old...

bill available

isn't working,needs rma!


warranty is valid up till 17/12/2013

oops...the hdd somehow doesn't seem to be working anymore...

pc does not read it...

so it needs rma!!!

anyone interested can take this n send it to rma or i will send it for rma within a few days if no one's interested by then...

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price reduced bcoz of it
anyone interested for rs 1100??

have to be sent for rma...

(had registered for an rma but later cancelled it since someone said he wud be buying it,then he backed out at the last moment,so can't place an rma request for a few days,in need of money so tryin to sell it off)
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