Budget 20-25K What are the odds of the previous gen flagships dropping to 25k levels


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I'm looking for a phone with a kickass camera, MP does not matter, but low light performance (and OIS) matters. As the 2016 models have been announced, is there any chance of the previous generation flagships dropping to the 20-25k levels? I am talking stuff like the S6, G4, or even the iPhone 6 (which was launched in 2014 IIRC)

Or should i grab the Xiaomi mi5 which on paper looks fantastic, but what are peoples experience with them? Especially with regards to the camera?



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is that the world of waiting for a deal on the flagships to come that never comes before the world shrugs off 2 more generations of the flagships?

Nope... Just the previous generation flagships reaching the 25K mark a year after their release and then Xiaomi coming and offering their latest and err greatest at the same price. Purchased an S5 for the missus last year (June) at 21K odd so yes it does happen. I care more about the price reduction of the LG G4 than the S6 though.


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U m eyeing to galaxy s6 since long time was selling for 30k in last year diwali. I was waiting since then to price come down @ 25 k but still no official price drop from Samsung. MI 5 was un picture for while but 1.8ghz processor, flash sale available only thought mi. Com and white colur holding me. Currently using atnt g2 brought from from eBay last year. It's very good compact phone and none of 2015 flagship has feature that i have in my lg g2.