What Facebook won't tell you about FreeBasics


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We now have a huge name backing net neutrality.. none other than Rahul Gandhi. :p
“The Congress Party’s and my belief is shaped by our faith that internet users should be free to connect to any website or service that they want, enabling a level playing field on the ‘world wide web’. We recognize the danger of privileging a private platform over a public Internet introducing a new digital divide,” he said

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Always dangerous to let a single corporate entity control the flow of information, they're basically the Fox News of the internet.

Sorry, nobody asked people to follow Facebook for their news and Facebook is not stopping anybody from going to other sites. Even if they are selective about which news gets highlighted, there is absolutely nothing wrong about that. First and foremost, they are not a news company. They just aggregate news and present a news feed. If their algorithm is built to be biased to fit their own sensibilities and those of their majority audiences, let them do it by all means. The very act of choosing which news to project out of many means that those algorithms are meant to be opinionated. Its not like any news paper company presents unbiased news in the first place.


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That's what I meant when I said they are the Fox News of the internet.
Informed people will know they aren't credible sources of news or information but it doesn't change the fact that millions tune into the corporate agenda driven highly opinionated fear porn they believe to be facts without applying any critical thinking.
Information is what drives the world around these days and whoever controls it wields immense power. They wanted to create a similar information bubble in the form of freebasics, do you think a villager or simple minded person they were pretending to help would know what you're talking about ?
They'd come to believe it's a credible source through whatever sub service they would have offered because innocence of those new to the Internet is a big factor.