What is better exercise, cycling or walking?

What is better exercise, cycling or walking?

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Whatever you do, start at a comfortable intensity, and then slowly increase it. If you keep it at the same level, then your body gets used to it, and you will not become fitter.

A simple regimen to start with is a run-walk-run regimen. Walk for 30s (at an easy pace) and run/brisk walk for 30s.

However, if you are having knee pain while running/walking, you need to correct your form. An easy way to fix it is to go to park with green grass, and practice hopping barefoot on it. Try to keep your body as upright, and bounce off the ball of your feet.

This is a good reference point:

Make sure you have good footwear, and you drink enough water, and eat lean but nutritious food.

Cycling is also good, but if you are in a city, traffic can be unnerving to begin with. It's a lot of fun, but higher risk. Cycling on a trainer is no fun IMO. Same with treadmill. But if you are stuck in a house, they can work.

The idea is to build both stamina and strength. So, you can follow this routine if you like:

1. One day where you try to walk/run at the fastest pace possible (Where you can't even speak single words)- Speed Run 2 10-15 min sessions with a 5 min break
2. One day where you try to walk/run at 80-90% of your fastest pace. (Where you can't speak proper sentences while exercising) Tempo Run - 30 mins
3. One day do an hour long walk run where you can speak in proper sentences, and keep your intensity at about 75%. Slowly try to improve your timing here

An example:

Speed run for 15 mins at 5 min/km
Tempo run for 30 mins at 5:30 min/km
Slow run for 1 hour at 6 min/km

Hope this helps!