PC Peripherals which power cable to connect my Seasonic M12II 850w SMPS/PSU?


I have been using a Seasonic M12II 850w SMPS/PSU for my system for the last 6-7months.
I don't exactly remember how i really overlooked this issue, but on a sudden accidental check, i found that the power cable/chord (which came stock along with the seasonic PSU/SMPS) uses a 3pin plug head that is NOT Indian type (Classic Indian 3 Round pin power plug head) but rather uses a European CEE 7/7 plugs (with 2 round pins for Positive&Negative but the 3rd bigger Round pin for Earth is missing)
You can better get the idea of the things by looking at the picture here :

^^The European type CEE 7/7 plugs that are supplied as the stock Power cable alongside the Seasonic M12II 850w SMPS/PSU (Two round pins for positive & Negative but with Missing middle Earth pin in the plug).
//Rated as a 16amp A.C power cable)
*Comparatively different to the regular Indian 3 pin ac power cable for pc,..view them in comparison :

1)Classic Regular Indian 3Pin plug (Rated at 5 amp) //L.H.S
2)European type CEE 7/7 3Pin plug (rated at 15 amp) //R.H.S

Though,I'm using the CEE 7/7 A.C power cable with my Seasonic PSU (without any accident till yet) to power my system, but my main query here,is hoẅ compatible or safe is my system using such a power cable from the mains ?
or should I use a Normal/regular/Classical 3pin round 5Amp plug cable to power my system?
or should i get a New regular 15amp 3pin classic Indian Ac power plug cable to power my system?
//*to remind you,the stock Seasonic PSU power chord is rated at 15amp,not 5 amp !

The Rating for the aforesaid Seasonic PSU can be found below:



So, please recommend which Power cable should I use to Properly power my New System without harm?


Your 5 amp plug which you have would work, but if in doubt, get a 15amp Indian plug. I think even a 10amp plug (like the one we get with corsair psu) would work since your switch is rated at 6amp Max ( if using a spike guard with fuse). Pulling an actual of 15amps through the spike guard will certainly blow the fuse first.


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Yes you definitely need a 3-pin Indian plug with the earth terminal since line noise is filtered out into the earth. 15A would be preferable but you might get by with the 5A plug unless your rig is actually drawing 850W from the PSU. 15A plugs are bigger so you might need to install a new 15A socket near you PC. Make sure you get a good quality cable and ensure it fits tightly into the SMPS socket since I've seen a lot of cables with a very poor fit and the earthing terminal doesn't make contact.


Thanks very much for those replies friends & confirming to which i already somewhat had the idea of !
In the meanwhile, I have already got a Good Quality Heavy duty 15amp classic Indian type 3 round pin plug cable to connect my PSU, but the main problem (as bro crazy_eddy have already said) is to find a socket to connect to. My UPS APC BackUp UPS 1100 (BR1100CI-IN) >> https://www.apc.com/products/resour...ndex.cfm?base_sku=BR1100CI-IN&total_watts=200 does NOT have any Output connections higher than 6amp for 2/3 pins,so my newly bought 16amp plug cable would NOT fit there.Even more the 16amp plug power cable would Not fit even my Mains power wall socket,since they are of 5amps type.So the only practical way to sort this issue in my good idea is to install a 15amp socket for the Mains(wall socket) that can perfectly accommodate my brand new bought 15amp classic Indian type 3 round pin cable with its bigger plug head ! Though,I would be without UPS support, but my mains has got a Microtek Sinewave Inverter (UPS 24x7 - SW1600) >>http://microtekdirect.com/ups_24x7_sw1600.php backup,so i might be just avoiding the APC UPS altogether.

However,as an afterthought, i am also quite vague on the idea that, do i really need to use the 15amp plug cable to draw the peak of 850w from the PSU for now for my system?
My current rig is as follows:
1)AMD FX8350
2)ASUS M5A97 EVO R2.0
3)ASUS 7850 2GB DC2 (HD7850-DC2-2GD5-V2)
9)CLWC H80i (Soon to be installed)
So, pals, what should be more pragmatic way to go in my specific here?

*Also, a question to ask here, since I had been using the CEE 7/7 plug-cable since last few months in the Indian a.c power socket to connect my PSU, did it have any chance to damage my PSU or my system overall ?

Please do put in your best inputs, for as always your replies are highly solicited !
Thanks :)


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5A should be ok for your rig specs.

If you were drawing the peak 850W from your PSU, your load at the socket will be ~ 850/0.70 = 1200W (assuming a 70% efficiency at full load). 1200W/220V = 5.5A, which is just a bit above the 5A plug's safety threshold.
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EXACTLY what I needed. Am in the same situation with a 620W PSU. Now, I gotta go find a 5A Indian plug.

Thanx a lot for the info guys. Really appreciate the help :)