Windows Phone 7 Awesomeness!


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Hey guys,

Finally got my hands on something I was looking forward to since the time it was announced :hap2:

Here is the beauty:








It's fan-friggin-tastic phone so far. Deisgn wise, I find it the best I have owned till now. I am still exploring it, But here are quick impressions:

+ Lovely screen size. For games/videos it's very suitable, rather ample I'd say. I love it.
+ Smoother Interface. No lag whatsoever.
+ Amazingly fresh UI. It's the thing which actually struck me over and made me go for this phone. It's very user friendly also. The UI is fresh in the sense that it's got that professional look but at the same time it's so funky. Makes it usable at all times. Also the surfing is damn cool, I haven't liked surfing the web on mobile as much as I did on this today.
+ XBOX Live :hap2:
+ The design. It's very sexy and sleek. I even love the back side of the phone. And no, that's not just because of the kickstand.
+ HTC for bringing this so early in India.

- Rather big in size. I am sure I'll have to be very careful while carrying it because it just about fits in my palms.
- No XBOX Live/WP7 Marketplace in India yet. I am only able to download free games through US gamertag. (and no, you can't switch accounts :()
- I was surprised to see that the phone didn't come with any cover, cloth or screen guard. Even the cheapest smart phones nowadays comes with these things, so I thought that was a bit sad.

Overall, I am loving it. :)


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Congrats! Is this the second WP7 device on TE?

Why don't you guys ever post the price and how you obtained these things?! I want one of these too! :D


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Thanks a lot guys for all the comments!

Now to answer all the queries ... I paid 29k from ebay. Best part is that it comes with national warranty. SO yeah its an official piece. :hap2:

@Fah33m: I don't have any camera man .. But will still try to get a vid for you :)

@dennis_nail: Very true! But blame the Iphone for the pics :p

@soumalidon: Yeah mine GPRS is working perfectly OK .. No problem whatsoever. What exactly is your issue? Congrats for the WP7 phone dude. :D

Oh and the voice search (via bing) works great and has truly impressed me. I am still exploring the phone and loving every bit of it.


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Sry couldn't help myself, y not the iPhone? Unless you are too rich to care :p. And y not a samsung wp7 with a much better screen?