WTB : 512X2 DDR400 Dual Channel RAM

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I am looking for 2 sticks of 512MB DDR400 RAM.

The sticks should be exactly similar or should be a part of a dual channel kit.

Items with warranty preferred.

Price : I am willing to pay 2000/- bucks for both the sticks or kit.
Vivek Punjabi said:
hey..i could give u 2 x 1gig or just a single stick of 1 gig

If I don't get 2x512 then ill mostly be buying your single 1GB stick pal. Just trying my luck :)
tommy_vercetti said:

I have 2 sticks of 512MB DDR400 RAM, make Transcend, bought it at 2500, willing to sell it at 2300, reason for selling is that the timings, I another 2 sticks of 512MB DDR400 RAM with which the timmings do not match, PM me if you are interested


I want 2 sticks with exactly identical timings and chips and everything else. And ofcourse warranty as well. PM me with details if you such 2 sticks. Thanks.
Yes, both are identical and have remaining warranty, and have checked it personally they both are dual channed with the same timmings I do not remember the timmings, cos Im at office its CL 2.0 and 2.5 will post it when I get back home, my number is 9870317953
tracerbullet said:
Sounds good, I've sent you a pm

Replied to your PM.


I am mostly dealing with tracer as I am getting a better deal. Will let you know what happens.
I have closed the deal with tracerbullet. Will be making the transfer soon. Thanks for all the offers.
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