WTB cm690, thermalright ultima 120 extreme

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I want to buy ThermalRight Ultra-120 eXtreme and cm690 but all go's are out of stock. anyone still selling plz pm or reply
I have both. CM690 about 2 months old and Extreme about a month old. AM ready to sell if I get a good price. CM690 was bought locally and Extreme via KMD. Please let me know your price before I can quote mine. :)
i have a true 120 which i bought from gannu who inturn had bought it from KMD, PM me the price you are willing to offer
Madmaniac as you are from Kolkata, it will be easy for me to sell CM690 to you. I am from Kolkata too. PM me plz the final price for CM690, Extreme + Scythe 120mm fan.
Sold Abit IP35E, CM690 with transparent side panel , True + Scythe fan and Logisys 12 inch CCFL tubes to Madmaniac. It was nice dealing with you buddy. :)
have the Thermal right Utra 120 only .Box pack not used at all. let me know if interesdted by pm.name u r price .
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