WTB Old HardDisk Drives

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Thread on behalf of my friend...
One of my friends requires 1 or 2 Harddisk drives,
He is looking for 80 Gb HDD, for around 400-500 Rs.
Yes really cheap ones, probably if you have any used hdd just lying around.

It need not be in warranty but working condition and bill is a must. You can send me health and error status using hdtune.


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No yaar...wanted 2 for a friend, having talks with bikey for them, and maybe one for my old system, and sata one's for my better system...my both 160 gb's are full :(
Bump, got 1 40 gb from gforce and 2 from bikey, currently checking bikey's hdd's, but am on the look out for 80 gb's still, need a couple more (for my friends of course) and 500 gb for me :).
I have a 630 MB HDD with me :rofl: but sorry that's not for sale (at least now)...couldn't resist writing this here
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