WTB : Sony Ericcson Walkman in-ear earphones

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Just came to know that I am looking at a > 1 month time line for replacing my Crossroads earphones. So I need something inexpensive to satisfy me for that period.

Now normal earphones don't fit my ears (Sadly I have small ears and small brain. :( ) So only in-ear earphones will do. I heard my sisters Sony walkman series earphones and found them pretty decent. Nowhere as bad as the EP-630 thankfully. :eek:hyeah:

So looking for these earphones (only the earphone, not the cable that connects the phone to the earphone.)

I dont know how much these should cost, so I would like to ask some members to post here on what they think is a fair price.

TIA. :)
No no, I want a used one. :) Cant afford to buy a new one, since I will get my replacement Crossroads earphone after a month a so.
The sony has more bass but less sweetness and clarity.

Surely they are good, but I would surely not recommend them over 630

I have been using W810i since 2 years now and I am regretting my loss of 630 :((
Hey, I have sony in-ear earphones (HPM-70) which I would be willing to let go for Rs. 500. They are like new... Never used... Bought a phone so got one spare with it...

Let me know if u are interested.

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