Xiaomi Mi TV 4

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I don't think it's worth it. Many users have commented that it barely has the video quality of a 4k tv.
Moreover I contacted xiaomi customer care for some more specs here's their reply below. -

Dear Lakshay,

Greeting from Mi India Customer Support. I am Itisweta.
I understand your concern, I will help you with the required information.

1.Mi Tv 4 support HDCP 2.2 version.
2. The Brightness of Mi Tv 4 is 200nits.
3. Mi Tv supports CEC option.
4.Mi Tv 4 support DLNA.
5. Mi Tv does not upscale the SD content, instead it stretches to the screen.

I am sure that above information is helpful. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to assist.

200 nits brightness? That is very very low brightness and I'll rather buy the vu 4k uhd.
Samsung LG Sony though costlier definitely have better video quality.
It's just that at this price point it's a good buy.
If you're buying it as a huge 4k monitor, low brightness is amazing. Can you ask if it has Chroma 4:4:4 ?


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This is only worth part. Use it with Apple TV 4k
Yup, it's really nice with Apple TV 4K, and you need to change the Chroma setting while on Apple TV 4k. Also, the sound is not good, I would need to invest in a good speaker system as well. All these factors increase the cost of a good Movie/TV experience.


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Is Soundbar or speaker with hdmi arc available?
Sound bar with hdmi and arc function can be found. Though I'm sorry to say that I don't have any model details or in what price segment they will fall. You should be able to find with a quick Google search.


In my opinion this TV is not worth, you are basically beta testing this product.
App support is non existent, brightness is not good and sound is disappointing.
Just wait for next model, maybe by then they will make a good product.