FS: Mobile Xiaomi Mi3

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Scratchless mint condition.
Flipkart purchased with Indian warranty.
Running on 4.4.4 Android Kitkat
Purchased a oneplus one so letting this go.
Negligible dent on edge.
Two cases (motomo and SDK both used) free with it.
Box accessories everything.
Local buyers preferred.
Date pic
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Phone sold to prakhargr8.
Going OT here, but prakhar asked me how is oneplus one in comparison. So here it is:
Some people find opo a looker. It has some nice design elements but I thought even Mi3 was built solid. Better than many flagships.
The speakers are better but I found camera of Mi3 simpler thus better.
Battery is at par though Miui had some nifty embedded tools I miss on opo. App close, internet speed display near network, anti virus and anti theft. Mi3 was also true one hand while opo borders or slightly crosses one hand ease.
I like the tap to wake function but the true reason for me getting the opo is storage space. Still debating is it worth extra 8500?(or more than 1.6 times Mi3) Yes and no. If I had the 64 GB variant, I would not have upgraded and if I couldn't lay hands on opo 64gb, would have invested a few hundred in otg pendrive (already have an otg cable) Mi3 supports it.
On another note prakhar mentioned Mi3 is a nexus5 replacement. Just like to say the camera and battery will presently surprise.
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