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Hi all gettign rid of my year old Fossil watch i no longer wear it and already have like 4 gunmetal watches.. and no more Fossil for me :D Bored . Had bought it for 9.5k locally and it carries 2 year or 11 years warranty ..need to check on wear n tear or any scratch.. its gunmetal Bosss :D so no need to worry at all . Even now the watch cost around 8.5k or so..and buy any gunmetal watches it wud cost around that much .....

Price : 5k Shipped

Watchlover go grab this watch :) amazing deal or excellent watch .. please dont lowball like 2k or 3k.. its not a fasttrack watch.. so please avoid it..

Price kept is really good.. watch looks really aweosmee :) and Gunmetal is now in..latest trend..

lemme go home will update the pic ..

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i checked it out the links are working fine.... no problem at all
The Gun Metal Strap quality of Fossil is pretty awesome. I have a different model and it looks really classy. Got it for 10K recently so this is quite a good deal :)
Best of luck for your sale man.
will wait for further price drop to come. :D will buy then for sure.
dont want to lowball otherwise you're gonna call me a fast track lover :p

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Teee.. Where are the buyers !! Excellent price for this gunmetal watch .. Yaar..

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***Final Price Drop **** 4200 Shipped****Grab it soon *****
man i am not a watch fan boy kind of a guy but i don't know this watch seems different if only i had job i would bought it from you but ill keep a watch on this watch ;P couse ill be getting my paycheck for my new job on 31st hope my luck will be with me

sorry cant say best of luck for your sale as i don't really mean that
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