YouTube Channel Suggestion Thread


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Screen Junkies - honest trailers
Smosh Games - honest game trailers
Cinema sins - Everything wrong...
Pretentious movie reviews by Kanan gill (don't remember channel name)
AIB, TVF, Buzzfeed


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My fav gaming channels
Jim Sterling for his let's plays of the worst games available along with steam greenlight trailer coverage with brit accent and humor.
Totalbiscuit as a PC master race consumer advocate.
AngryJoe for his honest and silly reviews.

Examples of their best work



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and for modding-guides (and general vids) for gaming, check gopher's channel (this guy speaks quite 'articulately', audibly clear and his voice has a kind of a calming/attentive-effect. sounds like the voice of david caruso. some viewers feel the same :p ):

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My fav. Indian youtube channel: AIB! Nuff said. :p
For PC games: Totalbiscuit/The Cynical Brit. Two different channels run by the same guy TB.
For other fun entertainment: Epic rap battles of history, smyohyohyo something something, vine videos.
For tech news/reviews: MKBHD.
I subscribed to a lot of channels but they may not be your type of menu. I'll add more when i remember. I haven't checked youtube for months now.