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Hi all

Up for sale is the Logitech Z5500, that i had purchased from a fellow TE member about a month back.
The set is in perfect working condition. Have the original box. Dont know about warranty status as i dont have the bill.

Reason for sale : Missing MX5021, so buying it again.

Asking price is 10k (Purchased for 12k). Z5500 + Optical cable = 11.75k

All negotiations thru PM only.

Trade option open with only psu/gpu.

For sale in Delhi/NCR only.
guys no shipping at all.
i'm out of station.
so only those who are seriously interested let me know and i'll ask my frnd to show & hand them over to u.
you should change price in the First post please, those who read,read it as 11K still

Atleast we have something in comon now as i smoke Wills Navy Cut too

Damn I just bought a Logitech X-540 speakers..........if u wanna trade PM me..........

I mean Trade+CASH.........
What the hell, Hellgate:) I just bough an Iphone. I was looking for these but you took long time to show up. Please hold, let me check if I can arrange money again for this monster.
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