FS: Cabinets Zebronics Peace (featuring LCD Temperature Indication)

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  • Product Name: Zebronics Peace
  • Fans: 1x 120mm (temperature controlled) Blue LED [side panel], 1x 80mm Blue (always on) LED [side panel], 1x 80mm [top], 1x 120mm Cooler Master Silent Fan 120 SI2 [back] (aftermarket fan, offering it for free with the cabby!)
  • Features: LCD temperature indication in degree C or degree F. When temperature goes above set value (customizable), a gentle alarm goes off for few seconds, the Blue LCD display turns Red and the 120mm LED fan auto-starts. On/Off button for the top fan. Compatible with big CPU coolers such as the Cooler Master Hyper 212. Tool-less and screw-less HDD installation.
  • Price: Sold for 700 INR to local buyer @nRiTeCh
  • Time of Purchase: 2008, but lying around and unused since March 2012.
  • Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No, 3 days testing warranty.
  • Reason for Sale: Sold off my desktop. :annoyed:
  • Purchase Invoice Available: No
  • Product Condition: Good, I'd say 7/10. A couple of cracks on the transparent acrylic plastic side panel (see pics) and a few scratches on the front side beside the LCD. Buyer can get the entire transparent acrylic plastic panel replaced if the cracks are a big issue. I'm sure acrylic plastic sheet ain't that costly. One of the Blue LEDs of the 120mm fan is dead, rest 3 glow fine. I didn't notice any rust.
  • Accessories Included: User's manual only; No PSU (SMPS) bundled.
  • Product Location: Pune, Maharashtra.
  • Preferred Courier: No shipping as I don't have the required packing material, so local buyer only.
  • Shipping Charges: NA
  • Payment Options: Bank transfer (NEFT), cash deposit or cold hard cash.
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