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    FS: RAM Crucial Ballistix SPORT 16GB kit - DDR3 - 1600

    The Dell server i installed this on doesnt accept 1600 ram in its slot. Its a Dell issue. There is an invoice from Amazon. It contains private information so i havent posted it here but i can pass it on to whoever buys.
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    FS: RAM Crucial Ballistix SPORT 16GB kit - DDR3 - 1600

    I bought the wrong RAM for a desktop, needed 1333 bought 1600 by mistake. It was bought from Amazon USA and sent here, new in package.
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    FS : Factory unlocked Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB BLACK iOS 5.1

    Price changed to my price limit of 16,000. Cant go lower.
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    Factory Unlocked Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB BLACK iOS 5.1 with additional accessories

    Please delete, duplicate thread
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    FS : Factory unlocked Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB BLACK iOS 5.1

    Product Name: Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB BLACK (Factory Unlocked) iOS 5.1 Expected Price: Rs 16000 Shipping charges : 500 (Outside NCR) Description if any: Factory unlocked iPhone 3GS in Black color, will never get locked even when upgraded. Out of warranty but in immaculate condition with no...
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    is it a good time to buy a MACBOOK PRO?

    Contrary to popular belief, Apple products DO NOT COME with international warranty. Some do, some dont. Macbooks are covered under a 1yr warranty in the market they are purchased in. UNLESS you buy Apple care. It is Apple care that extends this 1 yr to 3 yrs from purchase and makes it a global...
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    Video Best dth connection

    @prakhar All the TV channels in HD will be either 720p or 1080i and not 1080p, it will be far too expensive for them to broadcast in 1080p over the satellite. @raxy I have both the Tata Sky HD and Airtel HD connections at home. Airtel picture quality is better that Tata Sky but Tata Sky bests...
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    Video Help Reqd : How many Antenna cables required with Tata Sky+

    Have 2 TS PVR installations, both HD. One with 2 cables and one with a splitter, no difference at all. TS installed the splitter and the short cables so they are pretty good in quality.
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    Mac OS Help resolve a few issues with Leopard

    I keep several versions of windows under Vmware Fusion. That gives me a good control over when i want to use windows and files stores there and when i dont. So you can keep stuff you want hidden in a virtual machine and close it, its gone. cheers.
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    Whole House Connected Audio

    Hey blr_p, I have tried various other products in the past, i still use a Roku Soundbridge radio in my bedroom and some squeezebox devices they are mostly suited to independent listening zones and are not that user friendly. The Sonos is a whole other ballgame. Its components work very well...