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    Budget 15-20K Android Mid Range phone requirement

    Why not RN7P? Even if Xiaomi didnt provide after certain years, there will be tons of custom ROMs as the developer support is huge.
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    Graphic Cards Zotac warranty help please.

    If you was registered in 2017, you would've got the warranty confirmation mail to the email you've provided. That's enough.
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    Budget 10-15K What to buy - RN7S or RN7P?

    Will the upcoming Xiaomi CC series, a direct contender to RN7P?
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    Android Thoughts about K20 PRO?

    What's the price here?
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    Budget 10-15K What to buy - RN7S or RN7P?

    1. Budget? A: <INR 15k 2. Preferred display size, type and resolution? A: Above 5.5", IPS LCD/AMOLED, FHD and above 3. Preferred operating system? (Android (with version), iOS, Windows Phone etc). A: Android Pie 4. Preferred connectivity options? (4G, 3G, 2G etc). A: 3G, 4G would be an added...
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    Android RN5p & RN6p query

    This is not about asking suggestion for buying a new mobile, but a generic question arose when i was browsing thro the Flipkart mobile section. Redmi note 6 Pro is more or less similar to Redmi note 5 pro with the same cameras, same proxy, same GPU, same battery capacity - except the...
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    Budget 10-15K Need a backup phone

    Congrats on the new purchase :) I thought, RN7 is discontinued because of RN7S arrival.
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    Budget 10-15K Need a backup phone

    Is your current mobile not having dual SIM option? or you having SD card in place of Hybrid SIM slot as like Mi mobiles?
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    Android why phones heating so much ?

    Also if you can enable "Developer options" for your current ROM, you can see the list of currently running app services in "Running services" option, and force stop the apps you don't need accordingly.
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    Where to buy jeans with zippered pockets in Delhi

    OT: have seen lots of user names in TE. well, @MuttonBiryani takes the cake :p BTW, do you really thought of putting numberlock on Jeans? What's next? FP sensor? :joyful:
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    Android why phones heating so much ?

    Before flashing the new ROM, check for the best kernel for your mobile, flash it and see if there're any changes.
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    English TV series discussion

    Watching Good Omens, and on E04. I feel, its going very slow.
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    FS: Others Mi Band HRX Hardly used with Original Box Bill

    He's indeed correct. "Hardly" used. :D
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    The TE Essential Freeware Thread !

    Nice shares.
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    Reality of Flipkart Mobile Exchange offer

    You mean Rs.5000?