1. 10daneces

    Hello Tech Enclave

    Hello Everyone, As I welcome by Tech Enclave I want to say Thank You To Tech Enclave to making me part of the Tech Enclave Family. so now I Can share my Knowledge and Experience to the Tech Enclave..
  2. D

    Budget 41-50k MSI pl62 7rc-270xin - is it worth it?

    The price of the laptop is 46900. I like to use it for mid range gaming and programming.If there is any good alternative please suggest. My preference are below: Budget :50k Used for : programming and mid range gaming Configuration :i5, 8 GB ram and 2gb 150 MX graphics Brand:Any Screen...
  3. P

    Budget 31-40k Need assembled PC for home/work

    Hi, I would like to purchase a PC for home/work purpose. I am not a computer hardware geek. My budget is around 40k. I will be doing mainly some coding on MATLAB, linux coding on virtual machine. Please suggest me a PC configuration for these purpose (from casing to the graphic card). Any...
  4. M

    Budget 31-40k Laptop for programming and internet,I am an engineering student.

    Hello, I am an engineering student and i want to buy laptop for programming and internet,kindly suggest me what specs will be best for me.. i3 6th gen. Vs i5 4th gen Do I need graphic card(I doNOT play games).Thanks
  5. drone

    List the Best Programming Communities for Developers ?

    Hi Guys List the Best Programming Communities for Developers ? Stack Overflow CodeProject XDA Developers Reddit Google+ Communities Bytes CodeGuru SitePoint
  6. drone

    CPU/Mobo Build your own supercomputer out of Raspberry Pi boards

    Hi Guys was Googling and found this interesting Tutorial Hope that Sheds a lot of light on Raspbians . Source :
  7. A

    New website for freelance programmers

    Hi! I would like to share a new site for freelance programmers. The site is still not working, but pre-registration is available. What for? Nowadays I work as programmer in a big company, doing some backend and web programming. Aslo I worked as a freelancer. And surely freelancing is a great...
  8. R

    Budget 41-50k Need a laptop for light gaming

    What's your Budget? (e.g. >30K, not more than 50K etc.) 41-50(+2)K What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? (e.g. web surfing/office apps/Casual Gaming) Will be used for Programming and playing DOTA 2. What size and weight considerations do you have? (e.g. Do you want a 17" desktop...