1. TechStarkR

    WTB Want GTX 1050Ti/750Ti/RX460

    I need a used gtx 1050ti/gtx750ti or Rx 460 preferably under warranty
  2. uchiha_dante

    WTB Looking for GTX 1080TI

    HI All, I'm new here, so open to feedback! I'm looking for a GTX 1080TI, and specifically, a Dual Slot design (m-ITX case) This is the exact one that I have in mind, but I'm open to looking at other variants: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 GAMING Do reach out to me here, or whatsapp on...
  3. D

    I want to buy used laptop with i5 2nd or 3rd gen.

    The laptop should be working. The screen should be properly working. The hard disk and battery are acceptable if not working properly. The location should be Mumbai and Thane as I would like to personally check the laptop. Also, I have a Lenovo Ideapad 320 with Pentium N4200 disassembled so I...
  4. aquaticbullet

    WTB - Used PS4 in Decent Condition - Bangalore

    Hey Guys, Looking to get back into gaming. Hunting for a used PS4 in decent condition, preferably in bangalore. Kindly hit me with your offers. Regards, Nitin
  5. H

    I want to buy used GTX 1060,1070,1080

    Hey everyone, I would like to buy GTX 10 series card.Whichever is the best deal for me.Leave a comment below before pming me.
  6. G

    Your standards for buying used PC components

    I usually avoid buying used pc components & if I do then I go by these rules: 1. 25% reduction in purchase price for every year of purchase calculated on actual purchase price(based on invoice) or latest purchase price whichever is lower. Only exception to this currently is RAM with invoice...
  7. I

    Graphic Cards Advice on buying used gpu under 15000

    Hi guys, I was looking for used GPU and I got a deal for gtx 970, 1 year old for Rs.12000. Should I buy it? It is for 1080p gaming. Please give your valuable advice or can suggest better graphic card under 15000.
  8. 4

    WTB Used DSLR

    Looking to buy a used DSLR. I'm a point and shoot user trying to wade into deeper waters. I may or may not want to progress with advanced photography in the future, hence going the used route. So if you're looking to offload some old gear to move on to newer gear, maybe this'll help. I stay at...
  9. astrokidvaibhav

    WTB Laptop under 10k

    I have a contractual worker in my company whose girl is in Engg. and he wants a decent laptop for her studies as she is staying in hostel. If anybody has his second hand laptop for sale please drop me a PM.