Does any one know what happened to Erodov ?


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Jul 18, 2017
I once sold a AIO water cooler to a MOD in Erodov and it got damaged while it reached him during shipping. Though I told him that I will return his money and told him to send me back the cooler he asked me to return the money and he will keep the cooler as compenasation. I told him that I will send the cooler for RMA myself and will pay him his money back. So he mis-used his position as a MOD and told lies to the super MOD and banned me thrice in Erodov. But after a lot of pleading with the super MOD they let me post in that forum. But I never sold in that forum though I bought two or three items without a hitch.
PS: That MOD got a sealed pack back from RMA and sold that cooler for a higher price than he bought from me. That is Erodov. No discussions regarding buying help on any electronic item just marketplace thats all.
That too many sell their wares sometimes entire warehouse ful of them without proper invoices to the buyers just the original invoices only. I know this because I am an Advocate myself.
Selling wares on original invoices sometimes sealed items from RMA, sometimes used items for not so cheap prices and sometimes simply cheating their way out.

But neither Techenclave nor Digit forums are like Erodov. So many discussions regarding buying help on any electronic items in these two forums...
Dude just mention the name of these type of fraudsters/ cheatingbazs. Why all the secrecy! One should know the usernames of these morons.


May 16, 2013
Guys be open and no need to be afraid of any mod exmods etc. as all are humans and tendency to cheat, beg, steal or borrow comes naturally so unveil those black faces..
Indeed but there are many good souls who's conscious don't allow to do so, not defending humanity it's stupid ,just the herd of good people on the earth


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May 29, 2012
Jalpaiguri, West Bengal
I have also been a long time member both on TE and E and enjoyed TE more because of its rich repository of technical discussions/suggestions. I made my own PC way back in 2009 (was using a separate ID then but could not recover that when the forum got upgraded as the password was linked to my email with which I could not access and so had to make a new ID) with suggestions received from TE. I remember that there used to be a thread with the latest prices of different PC peripherals from all over India. I got habituated to visiting that thread at least once everyday. There also used to be a dealers thread where they would post prices of all hardware they were selling. It was from there that I got to know about Rahul (itwares) and Amarbir (Lynx Chandigarh). Bought a lot of things from them, My first ever Android, a Moto Razr, was bought on the suggestions received from TE and it was here that I sold it too!!! Bought many hardware from both Rahul and Amarbir but Amarbir had some really cool innovative products that were not be found anywhere else. Along came Katmandude whose real name was Sreejith from whom I bought many things. Was in contact with him till 2016 when I got a Galaxy S7 Active through him. Last I heard he was in Mumbai, but I have lost contact with him.
But to be frank, the section of TE that I have enjoyed most apart from the technical ones is the 'show off' section. I visit it pretty frequently just to get greedy for a new piece of tech:):)
Sad that Erodov has shut down but the resources of this forum far outweigh that of Erodov
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Aug 25, 2006
I'm actually surprised Erodov was still up for so long, for me it stopped being fun 8-9 years back. VN drove away people with whom I used to have fun conversing with, even going through this thread I see a lot of usernames I recognise.

We had a great time for a short while.


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Jul 4, 2019
I wouldn't be too sure yet, just a few weeks back going to would redirect to some Ukrainian Legal Agency.


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Dec 31, 2004
So what made the market there more favorable than other options? Like for instance compared to the one on TE or the FB group that someone mentioned earlier in this thread?
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Dec 17, 2007
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So what made the market there more favorable than other options? Like for instance compared to the one on TE or the FB group that someone mentioned earlier in this thread?
Always wondered the same thing? Was it the rules? Was it that it was actively promoted or supported by the management.. never understood why E Rose 3 in popularity as a market place more than a tech repository


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Jun 23, 2007
A less civilized market (E). TE just seemed slightly more classy (NO DISRESPECT TO ANYONE). I guess it just worked. Some resellers told me that E was just fast moving. TE was very slow. So they stopped using TE as almost all the member of TE that were active in the marketplace were also active in E. It used to become a machhi bazaar though.


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Mar 24, 2005
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If someone knows this idiota named Devfatality from erodov, in 2k18 I struck a deal with him which he cancelled at the very end moment stating very immature kiddish reason. It was a laptop deal. Due to his assurance I already said no to few offers here & there and in the end this idiot ditched and I lost it all. He was going to hand-ship laptop from Delhi to Mumbai via some relative and I extended my Mumbai stay by good 3 days ditching my office.:mad: