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    Budget 30-40k Phone under 35k

    If good camera is one of your main requirements.. then you might want to reconsider your decision regarding S20FE as it has a better camera than Nord 2 and in all probability than the Moto too.
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    Streaming Services Subscription Sharing (Except Netflix)

    Hey.. anyone has a voot slot left to share.. i guess, mtv is included in the subscription right? (Got to watch laliga matches)
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    English TV series discussion

    If you are into Fantasy or have read Grishaverse books, it is now airing in Netflix as a series.. Shadow & Bone. Watched the first episode.. 'twas good.
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    How do you unwind?

    Ohh.. I am yet to consider UV lamp, will read about it mate. I do have a filter for my aquarium but I think my water parameters should be askew as I'm using our well water directly without any treatment. Learned it the hard way :oldman:
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    How do you unwind?

    Great, tnx mate.. Diatoms are a problem in my tank probably because of the tap(well) water I am using. I think this should help!!
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    How do you unwind?

    Wow that sounds cool... all the best with aquascaping the 2 new tanks planned. I am a lot lazier than you mate :shy: My small planted (~11ltrs) just houses one betta (well it doesn't have space for anything else) and the guppies I got are all male so I don't have to deal with the hassle of...
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    How do you unwind?

    When work from home started, I bought a fish and bowl. Then upgraded to a slightly bigger tank with some aquatic plants, driftwood and pebbles (my idea of basic aquascaping :D). I have this set up on my work desk. Its always refreshing to stare at a planted tank or the fish for a few moments...
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    Health & Fitness Corona is in full swing and its not Joke !

    I am not sure.. but I think Indians are generally more immune to flu viruses like these. Our cities\towns are quite dirty and packed with people and every year there will be outbreaks of different types of flus and no govt particularly bothered about the mortality rates or to take any corrective...
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    Any quick guides on AIR purifier purchasing?

    Are the replacement filters also readily available?
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    Any Netflix Account sharing groups on TE ?

    One Netflix slot available.. pls dm if anyone interested
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    Sensory Overload fueled by commercialization (long cynical rant)

    So true bro.. so true. you vented out my agony. Also not to forget the news being fed us.. even google is pushing me news like.. "Disha patani looks dazzling in Yellow Bikini" or "<Some garbage celebrity> wishing new year in a bikini" and "that some Actor posted new Pic on IG and some actress...
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    Any Netflix Account sharing groups on TE ?

    Looking for a slot.. if available pls let me know
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    Why am I tagged as anti Indian?

    With Congress.. I think the main issue is not the familiy rule. I think it is the familiy that still holds the dothraki horde of a party together. The main issue with them is the in-house feuds. Even if they somehow find an acceptable figure (Rahul or someone) as PM candidate for the next...
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    Why am I tagged as anti Indian?

    People always want to believe there is a savior. And modi presented himself as fodder to these thoughts. Decades of meticulous marketing created brand Modi as we see today. And the brand created fans. And fans always willfully turn a blind eye at reality (that's why fans are always great to...