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    Ride for the first date ?

    Bugatti Veyron. Nothing else at all.
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    Is legit for windows 10 keys?

    Will @ReVo_007 be able to help with Office 365?
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    Amazon Fire TV Stick India Launched for Rs 3999

    Bought the stick on a whim and no regrets. Yet. Works as promised. If anyone in Bandra W wants the Airtel 100GB offer, let me know.
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    CCTV Network with multiple HDMI displays needed

    I would suggest letting professionals set it up. HikVision has official vendors listed on their site. Also, get the feeds accessible over Internet. HikVision has its own app.
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    Android Google Maps: Offline areas - how to download ?

    Google for the 'ok maps' hack.
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    How to spend good time in Mumbai (Weekend)

    You are not going to go anywhere at all if you keep posting such queries on TE. Need of the hour is to stop depending on TE for life advice and step out.
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    Want to Buy TV from Dubai. Who to Use?

    Try From what I remember, they usually import stuff not available in India, from UAE.
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    Audio Acoustic Engineer in Mumbai

    Up you go! Folks in Mumbai, please help! This will be a paid gig ofcourse.
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    Audio Acoustic Engineer in Mumbai

    Folks, Need help with an acoustics engineer who can consult with the setting up of the sound system in a cafe. Please refer if you know of someone like that. TIA!
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    Network H/W, ISP and Config

    Location is Mumbai. And yes! I've been trying to get in touch with him but to no avail :(
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    Network H/W, ISP and Config

    Hi folks! A friend of mine is opening a cafe and needs help with ISP selection, network h/w and related configuration. He wants the Internet access to be open (socmed sites, regular browsing, streaming sites Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion) for guests (except pron sites/illegal domains ofcourse). I...
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    WTB Used MacBook Air in Good Condition

    Bumping to the top!
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    WTB Used MacBook Air in Good Condition

    Hi folks, Looking to buy an MBA 13" for a friend. Not older than 2/3 years. Budget is 25k. PM/post your offers. TIA!
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    Cheap 3G plans - Mumbai

    Airtel offers the unlimited plans on 4G right?