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    Budget Above 25K Phone Suggestions Required (30k, within a month)

    at this price point and considering the requirements you have oneplus 5 looks to be perfect choice
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    Budget 20-25K Used OnePlus 3T for 20k

    i just sold my 1.5 month old op3t with 2k worth cases for 22500 in hyderabad so no 6 month old op3t for 20k isnt a great deal , i know i sold it for too low . but getting a 6 month old phone is a strict no no , dont know about the market at your place but . but one can easily get 2-3 month old...
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    FS: Mobile Blackberry PRiV

    has box , manuals , no charger . Has two body covers - transparent and one hard black back no scratches no dents in mint condition is updated to Official blackberry Marshmallow 6.0.1 and device is registered as official blackberry beta tester (will share account details if required ) can...
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    FS: Headphone JBL BassLine DJ Style Headphones + Brainwavz AP001 Headphone Amplifier

    if the price is "00" would love to make a deal
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    FS: Storage Hardware SAMSUNG SSD 850 EVO - 250GB

    Brand New in box bought early This monthprice updated
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    FS: Others Junk Sale , lot of stuff have a look - updated

    need the boxight , where do u stay in hyd ?
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    FS: Mobile NOTE 4 FOR SALE

    Well it is bigger than vibe z2 pro and not strong as it .. I'm looking for turbo in particular now
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    FS: Mobile NOTE 4 FOR SALE

    There you go
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    FS: Mobile NOTE 4 FOR SALE

    But is 3gb hehehe
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    FS: Mobile NOTE 4 FOR SALE

    Moto Turbo [emoji14]
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    FS: Mobile NOTE 4 FOR SALE

    The famous note 3 offer again [emoji14] .. I'll pass again man ;)
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    FS: Mobile NOTE 4 FOR SALE

    Cool thx man .. Was looking on turbo as note 4 seems too big but looking at 32 GB turbo prices and note offers m getting thinking of just keeping it
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    FS: Mobile NOTE 4 FOR SALE

    Yes bru .. I guess its too big for my hands
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    FS: Mobile NOTE 4 FOR SALE

    Samsung note : imported 32 GB 910g Bought from Australia - no warranty Been using for a month Suffered a drop .. Has dent on top at earpeice with crack. Few dents as u can see in pictures. Everything works exceptionally well no problem in any of its functionality - guaranteed on that . Has...