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    Audio M2 Burning in....

    I dont think burn-in kind of process is necessary for IEMs. It may hold true for speakers. I am having M2, and I newly bought RE272, i dont think there is a change that how re272 sounds in the first day and now. Like santhosh said it all depends on us.
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    Nationite NaNite N2 Players with special Brainwavz Bundles !

    Is nationite N2 or slfo2 or sansa stock available? If yes, what are the models available among three?
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    Sandisk Sansa portable players :Clip+,Fuze & new Fuze+

    do you Fuze+ in stock or sfl02 available?
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    Sandisk Sansa portable players :Clip+,Fuze & new Fuze+

    I am looking for clip+. Is it available? What is the price? Badri
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    Audio DAC for onkyo tx-nr5008

    Hi All, I looking for DAC. My Onkyo tx-nr5008 not good for deliverying good music. Good for music. I like to listen more music now. Suggest me good DAC please. I am looking at Arcam rDAC, DAC Magic. But not yet finalized which one to choose. I want to select a good capable of going...
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    HM 601 in Customs!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi All, I ordered for HM601. Now its in customs. I got a mail from customs, asked to produce invoice price list. Its an online purchase. What should i do? Need your help. Thanks and Regards Badri
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    Audio Hm 601

    Hi, I have ordered for hm601. Guys please who ever using this model post your experience. And I am looking for a matching IEM. Please suggest me good one. If i go for re262 or 272 where should i buy in chennai. And i am planning to buy sansa clip+. Where should i buy in chennai...