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    SBI charge Customer for Connectivity Failure at SBI end?

    what? what? what? SBI is asking you to pay money if “they” loose connection? how are they describing the charge? I mean sure you would be given a txn slip or is posted to your account, it’s gonna say what? My mom works at PNB and their protocol if connection disruption is they just halt the...
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    VPN/Internet browser with India as a location

    +1 for NordVPN. It has Indian servers from Mumbai and Chennai. Fair speed and streaming supported if undetected by the platform.
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    WTB Old Android Phone

    Hi, looking for old Android phones. It must have capability to support Jio sim, have a front facing camera and have mic-speakers to be in working condition.Only phone and charger needed. This is to actually donate to someone to support online classes for children. Multiple numbers and budget...
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    Budget 0-20k Looking to replace my pc with single board computer

    Hi, This may be deflecting, but still wanted to mention. If you prefer genuine Windows on the SBC and be fine with FHD streaming, you can lookout for Lattepanda. 4K might or might not be, I don't have a 4K display to test with, but it works good with FHD. You can take a look at fabtolab,com...
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    WTB Looking for a used gpu

    Just saw this:
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    Dream Setup

    The RGB sync in the CPU looks good. Can you even sync the other RGBs around your desk ? Curious, what do you normally use your setup for ? Like a separate desktop/laptop... If you want your chair to be RGB as well, you can go with .
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    Baba ka Dhaba Fiasco; It turned out as expected!

    This is preposterous. Even if he kept the funds to himself, Baba did get the initial 2 Lakhs plus a high degree of fame and business ONLY because of this guy. And that should be an enough reason to atleast keep him out of Jail!
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    Baba ka Dhaba Fiasco; It turned out as expected!

    Well the story (incident) has two rather polarised views. On one hand, the Youtuber did market the establishment which did in fact increase their sale and reach. Then the owner of dhaba, filing case against him is wrong. It was said the Youtuber did pay around 2 lacs to them. So for this 2 lac...
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    FS: Tablet Lenovo YogaBook YB1 [Original Box / Unique 2 in 1]

    Payment received. Item shipped and tracking number shared.
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    To bypass signup page

    For more simpler sites (not in league of Linkedin, Quora) you can take a look at for shared logins.
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    Amazon India Escalation

    Just to update the thread, the escalation of Amazon actually didn’t help much. But some other route did. I did file a grievance with National Consumer Helpline (NCH) I did have a feeing that it was just useless, but a couple of days later an agent from NCH called and asked more details on the...
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    Amazon India Escalation

    Yea.. haha sure he wouldn't be bothered with such trivial issues, but here was my expectation. See several establishments have an escalation matrix.. and somehow it seems it's unavailable for Amazon (alteast India). Hence my expectation was that atleast thru Jeff email it goes to a higher...
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    Amazon India Escalation

    That is sad to know cs-reply doesn't work too. I put up complaint on National Consumer Helpline. They actually called back and said your case has been forwarded to Amazon. Already did. As you see, it gets directed to the CC in India itself. So basically the Jeff email is like a fancy...
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    Amazon India Escalation

    Hello Guys, Quick question, is anyone aware of escalation system for Amazon India? I recently bought a watch (~3.5k) from Amazon India - Cloudtail. It arrived with a broken band. I tried placing return several times but it always gets rejected. The delivery agent comes for pickup, now on...