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    [NOT WORKING] 32 months Game Pass Ultimate deal

    Update: Please stay away from this deal as of now. I lost my 1800 rupees, and in the process of seeking cancellation, lost the subscription too (which I got only till 2022). The mods should lock this thread!
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    FS: Consoles PSP-2008 plus 3 PspGames (Patapon 1&2,Echochrome)

    The terms and conditions may be are the reason for no response (I am assuming) yet for such a beautiful and well maintained device. Also, just wanted to know is the joystick getting stuck issue repairable, or have you repaired?
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    FS: Mobile **FAST SALE**GALAXY S20+ 1 week old at INR 36000 with bill and warranty!

    Hello Selling this very new phone for a throwaway price. Had bought it for mom with love but, she does not like the feel of this large phone in her hands. No lowballing please!
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    Basics of Stock Market For Beginners Lecture By CA Rachana Phadke Ranade [GROUP BUY]

    Can this software be shared? I am curious to know because if it does, I am in!
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    Does any one know what happened to Erodov ?

    This is nostalgic. Seeing us all back here again n talking! I never left TE. I stopped interacting, yes, but, I couldn't stop myself from clicking the New Posts tab here at least once in a week. BTW do any of you guys remember those GO (group orders) some of us (including me) would do for DELL...
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    Budget Above 25K Please suggest a power packed phone with led notification !

    Hey, The s10e doesn't have a LED notification that works natively with the phone. I am not happy with the s20 lineup. They need to change the design now.
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    FS: Laptop Dell Inspiron 5570 (price drop)

    Hey, Price is mentioned where?
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    Android Galaxy S8 Screen continously ghost touching

    Yes, it's an hardware issue. Call Samsung for a direct pick up of your device from your home/office. Have the invoice and box with you when you give them a call.
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    Movies & TV Counter Strike: Diwali Edition for India

    Hey, Just bumping the thread... anyone saw?
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    Movies & TV Counter Strike: Diwali Edition for India

    Hello everyone, This is creative, funny yet nostalgic video for all of us who have been with TE for a very long time. This is a memorable dedication from our end for the game that enabled us all for FPS at those times. There's an important message in the end too. I hope you all like this...