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    Monitor buying help needed. Shortlisted few

    If you edit 4k too, you cannot do with lower resolutions like 1080 anyway, right ? You don't have much of a choice, you need to get as high a resolution monitor you can afford. Even 2k is a compromise, but probably workable with a bit of hard work zooming and panning. 5k was invented (or used a...
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    Just one of the many reasons why investing in unregulated markets like crypto is a foolish idea (May 13, 2022)

    Actually it can be proven that the crypto investors as a whole are losing money. Proof : 1. Divide participants into 2 groups : investors and miners.* 2. Miners, by definition, either hoard their crypto, or sell it. If they hoard, no money earned from those mined coins. But if they sell...
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    Case fans upgrade worth it?

    I can't find any gigabyte eagle vision OC, and there are many gigabyte eagle OC graphics cards : 3050, 3060ti, 3080 etc. The normal temperatures people are noticing on the cards will depend a lot on the exact variant. You could just Google with your exact card name, and it is likely you'll find...
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    Case fans upgrade worth it?

    If you have added more fans and yet temperatures didn't improve much, it is even more unlikely that just an upgrade to fans will make any difference. Top intake is the style most beneficial to GPU temperatures in typical setups. Most likely your GPU is in a temperature range (idle - load) which...
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    Case fans upgrade worth it?

    1. Firstly, 78 deg C is absolutely fine, no need to worry. 2. Do you have front radiator, back radiator? AIO or tower cooler or down draft cooler ? Vertically mounted GPU? Blower graphics card, or regular ? Dusty case or filters or GPU? 3. Unlikely that fan replacement will help. While every...
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    Chip supply shortages !!

    Maybe my poverty is speaking :) , but I guess one remote key and one old fashioned key are enough. Only one key in total is risky.
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    I am worse in this regard, but I hear most plants need darkness for some time. This is not on full night, is it ?
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Not trying to underplay your irritation with blue switches, but why do you say so about prices? Especially with cosmic byte, I see very similar prices in most keyboard types for blue, brown and red switches. E.g. 1699 for red and blue both ...
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    Continuously rising medicines cost-- Why ?

    I worked in the Pharma industry for a while, where I needed to learn about laws & regulations that govern the industry. In major markets like the US (FDA) and EU (EMA) allow drug companies to advertise drugs as quick release, or slow release without any additional testing, or explanation. So...
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    Affordable way to set up a simple surveillance system?

    Aquaman, protecting your home since 2012 ? I guess instead of hiding the CCTV camera in comic characters, OP might even want to do the opposite : install fake cameras as deterrent.
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    Budget 0-20k Riser card! Branded power cable or generic?

    Corsair modular PSUs have at least 4 types of cables. The packaging, and the actual unit should mention the type of cables it supports. Type 1, type 2 etc. Never say Corsair cables, always mention the type along with it. Using wrong cables can easily lead to short circuit, component damage, PSU...
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    How do people manage with Ear Pods ?

    As blr_p says, use an adapter. I successfully use this one : Cheap, tiny, effective.
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    PC Peripherals Old C2D PC

    Thanks, told them. They are in Hyderabad.
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    PC Peripherals Old C2D PC

    I asked around, but it didn't help. Is ipwnz the guy from the North East ? I'm in Bangalore. I believe the things that have preserved most value are heavy ones - cabinet, PSU, and monitor, shipping is a pain. So you're right, someone nearby would be best, I just can't find anything.
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    PC Peripherals Old C2D PC

    This is an almost FS, for sale thread, but need advice , I have no price, and has a twist, so posting here. I have all the pieces of an old Core 2 duo PC bought mostly in 2007, except PSU and SSD are younger. 4 years ago it used to perform very well with the SSD, I'll attach performance proof...