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    Should I buy a used Nintendo Wii in late 2021?

    I voted no without seeing the price. For 2k, you can't go wrong.
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    FS: Tablet Kindle 10th gen 4gb backlight model (Latest non paperwhite) white.

    I bought this kindle certified refurbished few weeks back. Have bill. It's been used only once. As you can see it is almost like unopened. This is the absolute best price. I was able to snag a great deal. The kindle came in a custom Amazon cardboard box. The original kindle box is not used by...
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    FS: Home Audio Video JBL Professional 104BT reference monitors almost like new

    Dang. Dialogues are crystal clear in 104s. I already bought the edi's. Let me check them out and see...
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    FS: Home Audio Video JBL Professional 104BT reference monitors almost like new

    These speakers are perfect for music but I don't find them adequate for films, so putting em up for sale. I am currently using 2 sets of speakers for both purposes, want to buy one set of speakers for both purposes to avoid Will probably go for edifiers 1700 or 1850. Shipping will...
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    Audio Audiophile and gears

    Hi Y'all. I am not an audiophile by any means but I am a voracious music listener (mainly carnatic, indian film and devotional) and a stage singer. I have only started understanding the importance of audio equipment in the last couple of years. Until recently, only the songs, its raga, sur etc...
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    Audio Speakers for around 10k ?

    Lol. Sorry OLX.
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    Audio Speakers for around 10k ?

    Guys, will the edifier 1700bt's be a substantial improvement over the jbl professional 104's for movies? I am satisfied with the 104's for music but they are severely lacking in oomph for movies. I have an option to upgrade by spending around 4k extra.
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    WTB 256/500gb Sata M2 ssd for asus vivobook ryzen 5 2500u laptop.

    As title suggests. Preferably less used, in warranty ssd, for reasonable price. Not looking for high end stuff. Looking for maybe crucial bx or wd blue level stuff at 2-3k price range for 256 depending on ssd qualiyy and 3.2-4.2k for 500gb. Thanks for looking.
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    FS: Desktops Lenovo thinkcentre m720q tiny micro pc. I3 9100t 8gb ram 506gb ssd's.

    Mods deal closed and feedback shared please close thread. Thanks a ton.
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    FS: Storage Hardware Crucial P2. Nvme SSD 250gb 10 days old and micron sata ssd 256gb and WD elements 1tb

    All 3 items sold, received and feedback left. Mods please close the thread. Thanks a ton.!
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    FS: Others Apple TV Siri touch remote with silicone cover.

    Thanks mate. Mods please close the thread
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    Ban on VPN in India.

    What trp will covering vpn net?
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    User Review I switched to M1 Macbook Air

    This BS is too prevalent with apple. I had 2 iPad pro 10.5 inch and both developed the white light bleed issue above the home button. The worst part is the geniuses agreed that this is a common issue, but apple just doesnt give a damn. I have stopped buying/using ipads since. I had to sell both...