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    Which Game on What Machine are you playing Now ?

    Started Divison 2 on PC. uplay id : caldaster
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    Which Game on What Machine are you playing Now ?

    Apex legends is here. Its on origin. Who is else is playing ?
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    Nvidia 2080 at 11% off

    Shows 72K for me ... should have got it at 58k and resold ... 1080ti was going for that before.
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    The image itself clarifies jaydipmori got 1 delivered and as per one of his previous posts he had got 2 of them.
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    Android Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launched in India!

    Samsung Note series is not for the normal user, but for a particular user set who will find usage for the S-pen. There are a lot of artists who use the note features and have the need for huge storage in the phones. A raw quality image can come at about 40MB size. Plus there are a full set of...
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    As for prime video, I found it worthy. Caught up on a lot of TV series. Music cant comment as I have not used it.
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    Experience sharing - Fortnite Battle Royale [PC]

    Wow. This is not a review. The game has positives and i would point out that too if it was a review. More like you are unable to play it properly and you just wanted to vent. EPIC adds a lot of content and keeps changing the map a lot. There are a lot of minute changes they keep doing to keep...
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    Does imdb publishes real reviews from India ? or Fake ? or abondoned ?

    Imdb is no longer truster for giving proper reviews. Visit rotten tomatos for the reviews. Imdb is best to get all the details about a movie except rating.
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Discussion Thread

    @quan chi Most of the game bought in India (hard copies) are region locked (this is because of the Indian pricing that existed before). Especially CS:GO. I had to travel to S.Korea on business and had my laptop with me. But I was unable to play CS:GO when i connect it to the local wifi. Didnt...
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    Karnataka Elections 2018

    Post poll alliances are un-ethical. People should be made aware of the alliances a party plans to make alliances in-case they don't have a majority before the election itself. People bias their votes based a lot on who they hate as much as they base it on who they love. The EC should take care...
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    Battlefield V (2018) - Discussion Thread

    Source : VG247 This is interesting
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    Battlefield V (2018) - Discussion Thread

    Same here. BF3 and BF$ are still amazing. BF1 was a bit lackluster. Was really hoping they will go back to a bit more modern setting for this one.
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    Fortnite Discussion Thread

    Played a lot over the weekend. Couldn't win anything. I am not that good. Usually can end up in the last few easily (like the 2nd or 3rd team). Thinking of moving on from this since its not reaching anywhere.