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    FS: Mobile Nokia N76 (Flip Phone)

    brilliant!! Got a case of nostalgia there. This and the other N Series were the bad boys 10 years ago. Good luck with the sale!
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    FS: Storage Hardware 2TB | 3TB Seagate HDD

    Does the 2tb hdd require external power?
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    FS: Mobile Apple Iphone 3gs 16 GB for Sale

    Put me first in line for the phone. Will confirm by tomorrow evening
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    WTB Mac Mini

    Hey looking to buy a Mac mini. I stay in Bangalore. Hit me with a message if you have one for sale
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    FS: Mobile Trade Only : Galaxy S3 Marble White

    Xperia p and cash? Its got a pretty sick camera
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    FS: Consoles Xbox 360 Elite... RGH...With 120Gb HDD. Mint Condition

    Hey just a suggestion....drop the price.I bought a used 250gb Xbox for 11k a few months ago.15k is way too high
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    FS: Others Razer Onza tournament edition & PGA 13

    hey guys selling my brand new razer onza controller. I got it as a gift and have used it for less than 2 hours. Selling it because im not a fan of the extra two programmable buttons since I play FIFA and I dont see the need for em. I have the box and all the documents and stickers that came with...
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    FS: Mobile For Trade iPhone 4S 64GB Black Factory Unlocked iOS6 Mint (extras)

    Might I suggest the iPod touch as an alternative. It'll work out cheaper
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    WTB wifi router

    Hey im in need of a wi-fi router. Preferred bangalore sellers and under 1k Hit me with a pm if u got what i need cheers
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    I have a 40GB and 15GB hdd ipod. Battery dead. Interested?