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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

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    Toxic's Black Friday Haul

    @toxicdrift Stop showing off other's stuff as yours :hungry:
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

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    [GO] 18mm NATO/ZULU watch straps for HMT

    Can you please change my order to below - ( confirmed) 1 X QTY strap no 2- Black and Green - 1 X QTY strap no 3 - Blue, Red and white -
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    Bought my first car!

    Congrats lamer, time to invest in detailing products.
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    [GO] HMT Pilot - Mechanical watch with White dial and Blue hands

    Incase there are slots still left in the GO please add me , have PMéd you as well for watch + straps. Thanks a lot for taking initiative for this great deal and GO .
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    [GO] 18mm NATO/ZULU watch straps for HMT

    Please confirm following from my side : ( to be shipped with watch) - 1. Blue and Yellow - X 1 2. Black and Green - X 1 3. Blue, Red and white - X 1 Thank you.
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    Audio Try Out : SA C12 IEMs -Mumbai,Delhi,Bangalore,Chennai

    I've had the C12 for quiet some time with me on loan and I find them to be very warm and fun sounding with good bass and clear midrange and slightly laidback treble. The soundstage is fairly wide and not as congested sounding as M2. Overall a very fatigue free warm sounding with good detailing ...
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    Audinst DAC+amp : HUD-Mini and HUD-MX2 now available.

    The MX-2 looks interesting , especially with the iPad support .
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    User Review Signature Acoustics CA12

    Nice review . I have been using these for quiet some time from the loaner unit I got and works pretty well for electronic music etc . Slightly lacking in treble sharpness but for the price it seems to be much more VFM than Brainwavz M2 , that I have tried. Also my unit doesn't sound as bass...
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    Router help EDIT: Got Asus RT-N13U

    2 x Asus N 13 U will solve the problem.
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    WTB Replacement Ear tips for Klipsch S4i - Small

    @rravikantt i have 1 set of all the tips of the S4i, ping me if u want them in future.