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    WTB 8" or higher tab - Android or iPad

    Looking for a tablet for car - Android or iPad. Other OS also considered if it support offline navigation apps. The larger the screen, the better. Should have bluetooth and rear camera. Sim slot for data connectivity would be a nice addition. Budget depends on brand and features... Location -...
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    FS: Tablet DigiFlip XT 811 16 GB Android Tablet with Case

    Can you pls clarify whether a sim works?
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    Storage Solutions [Query] How to password protect portable HDD?

    I need to password protect a 1tb wd hdd preventing unauthorized access. There was bitlocker option with Windows and couple of other softwares that does it by encrypting the drive. But it looks like encryption takes forever to complete when I tried it on a small usb drive. Is there a simple way...
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    FS: Desktops PC components - URGENT SALE!!!

    Cool prices bro; I would have bought all except printer and DFGT. wish you would have shipped.... :angelic:
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    Need Advice to improve English communication skills

    watch FRIENDS tv show - all seasons, first with subtitles then with it turned off. that helped me a lot to understand the slang and to reply effortlessly when talking with people from abroad...
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    FS: Desktops AMD Sempron 140, 2x1GB DDR2, xfx-radeon hd4550

    Interested in selling the motherboard and mushkin ram alone?
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    WTB Lga775 Motherboard with DDR3 support

    I need an lga775 motherboard with ddr3 ram support. G41 model is first preference. Location is Kochi, Kerala
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    WTB Modded PS2 or PS3 with Custom Firmware

    I am looking for a modded PS2 or a PS3 with custom firmware. Location: Kerala
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    A huge leak may have just revealed the Galaxy S6’s monster specs

    So a thread abt the upcoming android flagship from Samsung suddenly became iOS versus Android warzone. What intrigues me is that why dont people just buy both and enjoy the best of both worlds?? Anyway if we are talking about optimizing battery and hardware resources in a smartphone, then where...
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    Rumor : Nokia working on Android Flagship

    thats a good information. I moved to Android and iOS long back but Nokia is still my primary phone because its built to last,has a great signal reception and is feature-packed; dont even want to start with their carl-zeiss camera optics.. I'm kind of stuck with a 4 yr old Nokia N8 which is like...
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    Discussion on brick and mortar stores

    This is India. Things like these arent a surprise in here. We are going backwards in technological progress :cool:
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    Nexus 9 listed on Indian Play Store for 29K

    looks good for a new Nexus buyer. I have Nexus 7 and Nexus10 would be a good upgrade if a new model is launched. If people wanna use the nexus devices the way its meant to be , then its worth every penny. If you just need an Android tablet for media and games, then this is not for you although...
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    Too Clever: Infibeam lists Xiaomi mobiles But Wants you to buy Micromax

    Anyone used that Xolo mobile? How good it possibly be if we remove Mi3 out of the equation? Been looking to purchase an Mi3/Moto G (2nd gen) or Asus Zenphone 5. Only Flipkart has these phones at lower prices and are out of stock except Moto G. So if Mi3 is not back on stock in the next 1-2 days...
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    How to Setup Wifi Router for Cable ISP?

    I took a new internet connection from local cable provider "Asianet Dataline". The cable modem is connected to PC via lan cable. There is a username/password to connect to the internet using a browser login page. How do I set this on my wifi router so that devices like PS3, tab etc can connect...
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    "AppleWave" and people dumb enough to believe it

    Classic American Apple Pie with a "thin" crust