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    Audio Are there any good portable Bluetooth Transmitters available in market ?

    Signature Acoustics Phoenix ( can act both as transmitter & receiver.
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    Sharing MS Office 365 with 1TB cloud storage - ₹500/year

    @aahigayeham - Invitation sent , pls check ur mail
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    Sharing MS Office 365 with 1TB cloud storage - ₹500/year

    With Other TE member we have four slots, if interested please PM
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    Pick Your Poison

    All this discussion of wireless HPs reminds me of RS 220 , ahead of their time. Great set of cans they were.
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    Sharing MS Office 365 with 1TB cloud storage - ₹500/year

    Interested in one slot , pls let me know
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    Your purchase on a foreign website can attract the taxman

    Here's another thread from hifivision
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    Where to get good coffee beans

    You can also try from , tried their couple of blends , so far so good
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    FS: Headphone Sennheiser HDR 220

    Sennheiser has strict policy regarding the warranty of online bought items , so potential buyer should check the retailer on bill with Sennheiser .
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    Audio 2.0/2.1 Audiophile Speakers for PC

    Bit offtrack but I would like to add that what you hear at 2 min mark will sound more lush more depending on the deep and wide soundstage , Imaging and also instrument separation capability of your audio instrument rather than bass alone. I know that 'use I am self diagnosed soundstage addict...
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    Audio Swans m10 mumbai owners need help :)

    lol @ Pulmonary arterial hypertension
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Legends in the house : Ety ER-4s
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    User Review Signature Acoustics O-16 Live Review : Setting the Stage

    Very well written review, Couldn't agree more on the Bass and mids. But I did found O-16 prone to sibilance , While driving them from Fiio X3 , could be because I am using W&S IEMs day to day.
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    Audio A Compendium of Audio Zone Reviews and Rankings: IEMs, Headphones & Sources

    Got the loaner O16 : Initial expression : Different sound signature from other IEMs at this price point which generally tends to be congested . Soundstage is open , airy , spacious. Vocals are crisp , Low end seems adept . Nozzle is bit big for me , hence poor isolation (which has its merits and...
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    FS: Others Rs 4000 x2 Flipkart Gift Cards for Sale

    Do flipkart giftcard get stored like Amazon's
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    Audio First set of expensive headphones - Need suggestions!

    You can try HPs from Philips , sony , Sennheiser yourself in major electronics outlets .. Some suggestions though keeping Indian warranty in picture - ath-50 from proaudiohome , (from them because they will provide warranty themselves) not sure how audio-technica warranty is handled from other...