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    Is my selection of TV, Refrigerator and Soundbar wise and correct? Any thing else that you would suggest, which offer better value for money?

    For the fridge I feel the below model has more space to fit Indian dishes.
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    Budget 31-40k 27 inch 1440p 144hz+ IPS Monitor Suggestions

    I was just checking the g sync compatible site and found that the GP850 supports HDR with G sync turned on as the GL850 doesn't. Wanted to know if that's a deal breaker? Also the GL850 doesnt support HDR via freesync as it doesnt have free sync premium pro
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    Budget 90k+ Suggestions for gaming laptop

    I've decided to go for a gaming laptop as getting hands on a decent desktop will take time. Looking at solely playing AAA titles. I have come across below models and require some suggestions in case am missing something or there are better alternatives: 1) ASUS-TUF-Gaming-A15 which has the RTX...
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    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    planning on selling a iphone 6 plus 16gb bought in 2015. have used tempered glass and case from day one. how much can i expect
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    Budget 10-15K Android Phone 15k

    Just found it available on snap deal
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    Budget 10-15K Android Phone 15k

    @Rohan7 any idea when does it come back on sale
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    Aadhaar card

    Guys i need to get my mom a aadhaar card as she has no government ID. I tried being the introducer for her but the aadhaar centres rejected it saying only a photo ID will work. she has no Photo id or even a bank account. any solution to this. she does have a affidavit with her photo stating her...
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    Apple iPhone 6S and 6S+ launched in India, Starts at 62k (16GB)

    Looks good . I am using the leather case which I had bought for my 6 plus . It's a bit tight in the 6s but works
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    Android Request/Offer: OnePlus 2 Invites

    I have an invite anyone needs it do tell
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    Apple iPhone 6S and 6S+ launched in India, Starts at 62k (16GB)

    This is the 6s plus pricing right
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    Apple iPhone 6S and 6S+ launched in India, Starts at 62k (16GB)

    Very true !! I used a note 5 for a day Battery drain was bad! Screen was excellent . But in the end of the day u want a phone that never lags and just works .