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    CPU/Mobo MSI Pro B660M-A M.2 slot

    Both M.2 slots are gen 4, If the SSD don't come with its own heatsink then using the M.2 slot with heatsink is obviously worth.
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    WTB Ryzen Based Processor, RAM, SSD and Motherboard

    R3 1200 would simply crush FX 8370 at 50% power. R5 2600 is a massive upgrade over FX 8370 in everyway possible. Even a passively cooled 35W R5 2600 should beat FX 8370.
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    H610 Vs B660

    Decent option. With good airflow case should work with something like i9 12900 comfortably. with 10% discount in amazon this mobo is available for 13k.
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    H610 Vs B660

    That H670 plus is not worth IMO. have weak VRM and pathetic VRM heatsink. even 12600k at full load should cause VRM thermal issues i think. There is no way to monitor VRM thermals even. Even basic MSI and gigabyte boards comes with VRM temperature sensors which can be monitored using hwinfo...
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    H610 Vs B660

    As you mentioned you are going to keep it for long time it is worth to invest in nice mobos. MSI Pro B660M-A DDR4 MSI Pro B660-A DDR4 Gigabyte B660M Aorus Pro DDR4 Motherboard MSI MAG B660M Mortar DDR4 I don't go for mobo cheaper than the above four if there will be definite future upgrade of...
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    OC & Modding RAM issues

    @chetansha please mention the mobo model used.
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    OC & Modding RAM issues

    WIth both sticks installed try upping the voltage bit by bit [Upto 1.4V should be safe]
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    Does this motherboard supports 16 GB ram? How many USB 3 ports?

    This is not correct. Zebronics is and always be a pathetic brand. probably one you got is from a small batch of decent ones they have imported. Companies like Asus, GB, MSI etc can have tight control of everything as they have their own production facilities . Yes they too have bad designs and...
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    Does this motherboard supports 16 GB ram? How many USB 3 ports?

    Zebronics motherboards are not worth. They are of poor quality. Better to create a WTB and buy a used z77 mobo in nice condition. (a good manufacturer like Asus,GB,MSI,asrock). Pair it with a good SMPS.
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    CPU/Mobo Advise on Motherboard

    i3 7th gen is 2C/4T. 4K Rs is little high for that IMO. It is better to get i5 6th/7th if you have 4-5k budget.
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    FS: Others Corsair CX750M (2021) PSU, Intel i5 6600K(has iGPU) + MSI LGA1151 socket MoBo, CoolerMaster Hyper 212X CPU cooler.

    Try running the mobo with stock cooler. Overtightened CM 212X screws may cause RAM issues you mentioned.
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    FS: Cabinets Cooler Master CM 130 Elite Mini-ITX Case/Cabinet

    No it wont fit Micro ATX mobo but this case can be converted into a excellent testbench with some effort.
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    CPU/Mobo Advise on Motherboard

    H110 is the better option. g4560 has excellent igpu compared to E7200. g4560 processor is much faster and efficient. H110 has USB 3.0 support, HDMI out(depending on mobo), Fast SATA 3.0 ports which sata SSDs make use of to full potential. Can be easily converted in to a budget gaming rig with...
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    FS: Processor AMD Ryzen 3 2200G (USED)

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    WTB Ryzen/Athlon based APU