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    Nvidia RTX 3XXX Series announced

    Wrong thread buddy.
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    Your Gaming Backlog/Progress Report!

    I did...the game is indeed beautiful.
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    My brand new gaming pc

    I am using logitech g600 and hyperx alloy elite. Thanks [emoji3]
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    Monitors 1440p 144Hz monitor

    I have been using the Asus PG279Q for the past two months.I made the switch from 1440p 60hz to this and the difference has been quite noticeable,the switch from 60hz to 144hz has been such a good experience that whenever I use my old 60hz display,it feels quite sluggish in comparison. The...
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    My brand new gaming pc

    The individual prices of the components: i7 8700k - 27.5k H115i pro rgb - 12k Z370 Taichi - 17k Gskill Trident Z RGB 16gb 3200 mhz kit - 18k Nvidia gtx 1080ti - 57k Corsair Rm750x white - 10.8k Fractal Design Define R6 - 13.5k Samsung 250gb 960 evo - 10k Samsung 1TB 860 evo - 22.5k WD 4TB Blue...
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    My brand new gaming pc

    Assembled all the parts of my new gaming pc. Time to put this beast together [emoji3]
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    PrimeAGBG online shop, weird sale terms

    It seems to be plywood.
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    PrimeAGBG online shop, weird sale terms

    It took 10 days to get delivered.
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    PrimeAGBG online shop, weird sale terms

    Got my define r6 delivered to me an hour back.Some pics of the packing from my shitty smartphone camera.
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    PrimeAGBG online shop, weird sale terms

    My define r6 TG case from prime will reach me on Monday. Hopefully the TG doesn't get damaged.I will share my feedback after it gets to me.
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    Need R9 290, R9 390 or RX 470,480,570,580 or GTX 780, 780TI, 970,980,980TI OR GTX TITAN

    How's the thermals and the overclocking of your 1080ti?
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    What.CD is no more

    RIP What.CD The biggest digital music library is gone [emoji17] Was trying to get into WHAT.CD every since I got into the private tracker scene a few months back,India banned for interviews didn't help either. PTH is gearing up to be the next what,managed by ex PTP and BTN sysops. PTP along...
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    Torrent Tracker Invite Thread

    Was looking for an invite to Cinemageddon.If someone has the invite and can share it that would be awesome.I am a member of few other trackers and have good ratios on them.
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    1st Liquid cooling Graphics Card (GPU)

    Congrats.... How much did it cost you?
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    Android India Specific OnePlus Invites - Share &/or Queue Up Here

    Pme'd you an Indian invite [emoji4]