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    Iphone se 2020 launched at Rs 42500

    That has to be the stupidest comment. There is no doubt that the pricing is way off for the Indian mkt. Do not blame the govt for raising the taxes, IF they are to entice more companies to manufacture/assemble stuff in India. Apple usually takes the full advantage of the ridiculous sentiment of...
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    Any Reddit fans here?

    The amount of 'enlightened' people we got in India these days is astounding.
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    Hindi Series Discuss (neflix, amazon prime, youtube, etc.)

    Special Ops - Darn same problem all over again. Neither the level of direction is there, nor is the intent to deliver a crisp product. They know that the series will grab plaudits from the audience who are fine with mediocre stuff. Ending really was something that warranted hauling of the...
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    Any Reddit fans here?

    A number of so-called 'Indian' subs, as well as worldnews have been infiltrated by pakistanis and they are occupying the position of mods. You'd get banned for opposing the rhetoric of 'secularism' and defending anything that has remotely anything to do with BJP/RSS. Try to supply proofs and...
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    Reliance JIO Fibre (DTH 1 MONTH LATER) (what to bargain - Mumbai) - 2500 inr deposit first free for 3 months

    That STB never sounded anything grand. Add to it the way their CC went missing on the 21st Dec when they simply blacked out the internet services and came back with the migration plan for some and reduced speeds for others while keeping them on the original plan made me hold back from...
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    Reliance JIO Fibre (DTH 1 MONTH LATER) (what to bargain - Mumbai) - 2500 inr deposit first free for 3 months

    New Extension. Validity extended till 4th Jan 2020 Full speed till 50GB, 1Mbps thereafter. These bozos better provide a sane plan soon.
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    Reliance JIO Fibre (DTH 1 MONTH LATER) (what to bargain - Mumbai) - 2500 inr deposit first free for 3 months

    28th Dec seems to be the last day for a good bunch. They wiped off the advance monthly recharges, as well as the 40GB booster packs. Neighbour's account was showing 4th Jan as the last day, but that too got reset to 28th Dec.
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    WTB [WTB] RAYMAN LEGENDS (PS4 edition)

    Looking forward to purchase Rayman Legends for the PS4. NCR sellers preferred. PM me your expected price and location pls. Thanks in advance
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    John Wick 3 [2019] - 6.5/10 Was pretty drab the whole way through. More of a congregation of models and stylists than actors. The previous movies too were not known for acting prowess, but director Chad Stahelski, who was the stunt man for Keanu Reeves in the Matrix, missed the mark this time by...
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    Jio Gigafiber rollout

    Pretty decent. The speeds are consistent and they would reset the download quota around 24th day of the plan. The downtimes were not bothersome, but their customer care service is pretty bad as it seemed to be operated from a single room. Thankfully, the downtimes/issues never persisted for long...
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    FS: Laptop Apple Mac Book Pro

    He has made the serial number (C02JR3KGDTY3) visible in the screenshots. Should come in handy while tracking him/laptop if the need arises.
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    Trackers - Discussions Thread

    You at least lost the account for legit reasons (rule violation). IPT has a track record of banning people for no reason and extorting those banned users if they wanted their dear accounts back.
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    Any specific reference/detail SHOULD be marked under the spoiler tags.
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    A-VO-ID: Do a minimum RC of Rs.35 per 28days or No outgoing calls (Even with Main Balance!)

    Don't think so. The other recharges have the 'benefit' of rolling over the balance as well, but they do not mention any of this tricky note about 'lifetime validity'. And to be frank, after having seen + experienced what chortel is capable of, I would be not taking their words on face value...
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    Buy PS4 Pro now or wait for PS5?

    I would have removed the Uncharted 4 and replace it with GoW 4. The former was an abs bore-fest for me. Since you have already placed the order, I would have taken solace in the fact that the better one was kept for later. (Sorry if this is a kill joy comment. Mentioning it only if you want to...